Coverall Full Body Type 4, With Tape, White, Large



Coverall Full Body Type 4, With Tape, White, Large



  • Fulfills the ELOT standards and are described in European order EN 14126/2004 “Chemical fluid and gaseous chemicals protection, including liquid aerosols and solid particles”
  • Water resistant and liquid repellent and opaque
  • Full body, with built-in hood and foot end coverage
  • Light and flexible as much as possible, to secure comfort allowing motion and offering effective protection
  • Long sleeves with elastic rubber cuff
  • Heat sealed seams and front zip must be covered
  • Very tight sewing, sealed with tape
  • Provides to the user the maximum exposure to biological and chemical agents.
  • Complies with the appropriate standards, according to the applied requirements of the protection from chemical and biological agents.



1 pc / package

50 pcs / carton